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    -Bizzy Bone-Intro -
    Just another day (Tru love...) Just another day (Tru love...) Just another day (I'm bout that money...) It's just another day (Brotherly love, you know what I'm sayin?) I'm bout that money....(Brotherly love) I'm bout that money....

    -Bizzy Bone-Chorus-
    Through all the drama, it's some real shit goin on/ I say we keep the guns...

    -Bizzy Bone-
    Don't ask when I pack nine, ask my nigga he been shot about one hundred and fifty times/ (Tru Life) He the whole nine, accidents happen fuck it, woulda uncocked if I didn't think he would bust it, suck a nigga then bust it, better watch them thugstas brotherly love/ Why niggas get smoked, fuckin wit us/ The love is in us, the bud is in us (Nigga) it's constantly got me on killin mode/ Fill em up in mirror low hit em up a more for me.../ Searchin the food, and unload my calico in the room and work in the mood, real niggas make move (True dat)/ Like we ain't got nuttin to lose, gonna get naked in the middle of the earthquakes they (?) first day (?) one of them from, birthday/ When he ain't posed to be in this bitch in the first place/ (Daddy don't drop me out the way) Because my mother was actin fake/ And I hate this sleep it's too deprived called an insomniac/ (Daddy clenchin my neck) Little kids don't stoppin Somalia/ From hitchin hotties, somebody die at every party/ To rappin with Biggie Smalls, Tru Life, Bone Thugs -N- Harmony/ And that real real shit from the battlefield, mine/ You wouldn't all attempt it, for I had to bring drama


    -Tru Life-
    Yo I'm full court from beers/ And my nigga money mails and I'm on the next plane ready to spray up crabs/ I die for my car, rams, G.I.'s, and ball sick/ L-E-S and Cleveland down to South Central, we thick/ Cross any of my thugs and you better get hit/ Gotta triangle goin on of brotherly love/ Ain't no crabs over here, punk, just straight up thugs who carry four four slugs and stay attached to the streets/ It don't take one fuss to flip out and draw heat and get to dumpin off, I was taught to squash beef/ Fuck fightin fair wars nigga, life ain't fair/ After Iff died, I swear to god, I just don't care/ If niggas wanna ride, we can ride dawg I ain't scared/ Even if it means losin my life, yo I'm prepared
    Yo I'm prepared nigga. I ain't got a scared bone in me nigga. Thats worth the money.


    -Tru Life-Outro-
    Let's keep the guns. You niggas pose no threat, yall pose no threat homie. We gon' keep our guns, you hear me? We straight riduhs nigga. From the lower east side, straight to Cleveland, straight to South Central L.A. nigga, we hold it down nigga. That's straight cheese nigga. Puttin it down, straight riduh style. Hey yo Doe Astrange let's ride on these bitch made ass niggas son. Word to mother B.


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