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Represent Yo Hood

Bizzy Bone

-Bizzy Bone-
You motherfuckas, who thought when a nigga got a nickel in his pocket, he wouldn’t come back and get a quarter bag of chips with you

Mmm..../Hmm..../Heeeeey ... (Represent yo, represent yo hood)

-Bizzy Bone-
I said now baby come on, somebody’s watchin’ me, clockin me, trying to get in my pockets, your better bet is the lottery/I can make it, don’t bother me. I don’t stay for the dollar, but here’s the Rueger ‘fore I swang with it (You are going too fast)/In my H-double-O-D hood, seen my wood grain, and when I hang in the hood, bang, i’ma blow them brains out, ‘cause God like everyday thangs/Ain’t shit ‘fore a nigga came out, prayed that you thought I never played out, sittin’ with my shotgun and the rounds, aboard the spot, mr. mo murda, thugged out, will money mount?/Nobody can die now, then again that pile, snatched so many firearms, when the hood finds out, they gon’ ride out ‘fore that bitch can get to trial/Heavy with little E, glock glock in my drop top Chevy/Oh, plenty of artillary stocked, killin’ me, feelin’ me, run at the mouth to make figga/Headed to Cleveland, breathin’ heavy

Represent yo ... represent yo hood. Represent your hood, at the same time, at the same time, try to make that money, yeah/ Represent yo hood, represent yo hood/ Represent your hood, you gotta keep it real, you gotta keep it real/ (California) Gotta make that money, yeah/ Represent yo hood, represent yo hood

Give it up for your hood to represent, but don’t waste no time to get the ends/Money made can’t fade, will fake to win/Gangbangin’ onto his nigga, fuck friends/Smack game, wants to cause a catashtrophe, haters is after me, not watchin’ for the niggas who blast for me/Sho Shot got love in these sick streets, on top of everything ‘cause I bring heat/I catch wreck when I flex, what’s next, breakin’ necks when I’m stealin’ the reps/West bangin’ on the sets ‘cause a nigga’s correct/It ain’t where you’re from, it’s where you at/It’s all about the west side, and every hood is the best side, California where the shit rise, where the game lies, so i’ma show all you suckas how to hoo-ride/And i’ma give it to you, heated with game, we represent no sanity, my hood ain’t never mad at me/Those who wanna be down with mad me, gotta automatically handle the game tactically


-K.F. Klik-
Everytime that I represent the hood, the croud, they wanna get high as the palm trees/Visualize this life right next to the movie screen in sunny Cal with the bomb weed/Growing up in the spotlight on a hot night, where the heart of the cops and the stars beat/Naturally I wouldn’t trade the world for being born and blessed up in the S.C. Stayin’ true at the barbeque, we still puttin’ into what we love to do, and been thru. We ain’t mad at you, now get the revenue/Got your name and your hood on your tattoo/Somebody got at you with the quickness, at the picnic from a crew called Ward Sick/Well, it might have been Bizzy Bone,Juel,Sho Shot, when the fool don’t misrepresent/In case of emergency, we leave your whole clique bergundy, certainly for the currency/And real urgently we represent for the century, the neighborhood anniversary for eternity, for the next centruy


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