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Marchin' on Washington

Bizzy Bone

Bizzy (wit gunfire and explosions in tha background):
It's time to give up the ghost. [Yo, what the fuck is this nigga?] Give up the ghost. [Shit, niggas can't even get it on nowadays!] Niggas probably think we crazy up in this muthafucka. Ha ha ha! I got my mob up in this muthafucka [My cousins fightin' my cousins.], oh and they are ready for war! Let me hear my regime, make some muthafuckin' noise! [My brother fightin' my muthafucka sista.] It's a war going on in the Universe against good and evil. [and my daddy . . .] [Regime roars.]

Niggas don't give a fuck out here, boy. It's a war goin' on out here, you ain't knowin'. Can I smoke, smoke? Can I smoke? I tell you, it's a war goin' on out here. It's good and evil, man. That's just my camouflage, muthafucka. You boys is off the hook.

Bizzy 1:
It's a war goin on and my dogs is raw, nigga look in your rearview and tell me what you saw. I seen this bulletproof nigga with his hand on his gun. I said nigga, you push the gas and somebody run. We all scatter from the chit-chat, bang . . .

Bizzy 2:
You think I'm high nigga, you got me fucked up. I'm lookin' through your eyes, nigga, and I'm so tough as fuck, coughin' daily. Nigga, look the same popped comet comin' at you? Who's gonna stop it? I say we droppin' these hits--straight platinum, can you hack it? Hell yeah, I've been rappin' since you was goin' on, now what's happenin'? Run DMC, can you walk this way? Hell naw, nigga, but I can sure pull my pistol and pop you, stupid muthafucka.

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