Hey Na

Bizzy Bone

-Bizzy Bone-(Zuce)-Intro-
We high in this motherfucker. Yea, welcome to East St. Louis (2 Sense) 2 Sense. Whatchu wanna do nigga? Bizzy...Bone...(Bizzy Bone in here, yea) Get Bizzy yall...2 Sense...

-Lyfstyle-(Bizzy Bone)-Chorus-
Hey now, what'chu wanna do? (For the automatic, steady static when we comin through, comin through)

Remember I ever had to lie/ Be smokin that weed, we blowin that fire, get high/ Criminializin the mind, in a comatose state for steppin them lines/ Somebody help him (What) he sick to the stomach and I sent to vomit (What)/ Went from, clean and cut to dirty as what/ Who am I, to judge me? (What) The conscience of a lost soul, reincarnated as the nut rolls/ What is my reason for touchin the heat? Because this world is so cold/ It ain't no touchin me, I'm on my island all alone/ Forever we ride, huff and puffin Big Bad Wolf you ain't on nothin so we stride to eliminate suicide/ So many infants die/ I'm in your city with Bizzy so what do you wanna do? For the automatic, steady static when we comin through (Sick)


-Bizzy Bone-
How do I jump right off, express myself?/ You better believe it, mos definately wanted dead or alive, I just don't give a fuck I'd rather oblige/ You better not touch yourself, yea/ Brotha better to survive, while ya movin (Woo) watch what'cha doin/ (Huh) It don't take a magazine, or a genius to tell me rappin and flip flop everybody with hip-hop/ Somebodies eatin but Jimmy Iovine and Mr. Cohen/ Brothers battle the war like theres no racism and we not knowin/ Don't Malcolm X me, cause I'm mixed with Italian/ I'ma chameleon in every ghetto, trues speakin the (?)/ Nonchalant staggered, and you love to show my mind, you know my rhymin word/ Call my medallion for fifty thousand


(Uh, yea...) I tell em "Hey now, stick to the herb. It's better dummy"/ You honies wantin my money but she gettin nuttin from me, but shots in her tummy/ (Uh) Too many fellas is dummies/ Now all these trickers are thinkin that they can run off with the industries a comin/ Back Bone the dizzy, still a Thug in Harmony/ Got connected with the city, now ta rott cha armory/ Reinbursin all my dirties cept the one's who markin me/ Zuce'll lay you on the floor like he was workin carpentry/ Bouncin and movin (Uh) watch what you doin/ Ladies all up in the club, cousins, hustlas, pimps, and thugs sittin and waitin to get wit the girls/ Hittin the 2 Sense, like "How you groovin?" Thinkin you ready for Zuce, but I got tongues and tongue tricks that'll make ya oozin/ Don't lose, I'm sayin


-Bizzy Bone-Outro-
Aww that'sa be a live motherfucker, rewind that.

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