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    -Bizzy Bone-
    Side to side, side to side

    -Medisin Man-Intro-
    Yo (Yo) (Ahahaha). Worst Enemy Records, yea. This new Medisin Man, with the epidemic (Come on) Bizzy Bone (Come on). Everybody now

    -Medisin Man-
    Throw yo hands up!....

    -Medisin Man-
    Yo Bizzy, you ready?

    -Medisin Man-
    Well everybody with that new whip, drop tha top/ Everybody in the club, now make the bottles pop/ Everybody with a big truck, hit the block/ Everbody with them thangs, now throw yo hands up/ If you sittin down, get up/ Start drinkin (What what?)(Woooo)/ Crewstaz drink with ya crew/ Let ya foot hit the throttle/ For everybody in the hood thats down and dirty let me see you rumble now/ Can't you hear our bass? Bomb bass, make the beat move/ Cause it's sure as hell droppin bow's on all of you's/ On the dancefloor/ Or with your Hundred Proof/ This is some Grey Goose, throw hands up!

    -Medisin Man-
    Throw yo hands up!....

    -Medisin Man-{Bizzy Bone}-Chorus-
    Everybody with that new whip {Side to side}/ For everybody with that pay check {Side to side}/ For everybody with that full cup {Side to side}/ Let me see you go (Woooo) we on top of the world {This is how we ride}/ Everybody in this thing now {Side to side}/ For everybody in the city now {Side to side}/ For everybody livin their life {Side to side}/ Let me see you go (Wooo) we on top of the world

    -Bizzy Bone-
    (Side to side) I keep it poppin' boy, Flesh tear it from San Croy, you'll get destroyed, Bizzy the kid, the viewers choice, and put'em in a club/ Everybody flippin' I'ma original/ Nobody can do it like I do it, only thing they can do is slow me down/ And some wanna slow me down, Olamalamalamala, I'ma speakin tongues and then I'ma go get crunked, off in the corner smokin' what/ I'ma get this crowd arockin'/ Shall we go side to side? I'm spillin' my drink, I think I'm tipsy, watch over Bizzy/ This how we ride, better tell my people I'm inside, I'ma get'em in free, believe me, 7th Sign will survive/ Everyday, gotta get that paper paper paper in any way, Hey! fuck a playa hater, sucka!/ Ain't no rapper alive that can hold a mic next to Bizzy the kid, shyne, ya dig?/ I'm outta my wig, somebody get me a swig, boy, by the way high, I do this all night (All night), every day (Everyday).....

    -Medisin Man-(Bizzy Bone)-
    Throw yo hands up!....(Side to side/ Everyday)


    -Medisin Man-
    I cut it up, beat it down/ Ya, Cristal and Crown Royal/ Took somebody, ya bad with ya homies now/ Pass it around, let every get a swig of that liqour in ya fist, don't matter what it is (What?!?)/ Light it up, don't put it out, pump it like its gas move air until we pass out/ Drink till the last bowl, buy out the bar now we speakin to the whole crowd, jump and get loud/ Ladies, pull up your G-String let all the homies see you move your thang (Whoo whoo)/ Shake it like an earthquake sex, I want it all night/ We livin the life/ And throw your cups to the sky

    -Medisin Man-
    Throw yo hands up!....


    -Medisin Man-Outro-
    Everybody. This Bizzy Bone, Medisin Man, the epidemic. We break it off right now (Haha)

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