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Dear Layzie

Bizzy Bone

Baby, you got to realise, these young mothafuckaz you rollin wit.
these lil niggaz dont know nothin bout no loyalty, these niggaz aint on no damn army shit, baby these niggaz come from the streetz.
They come from broken homes, they aint used to nobody stickin witem never.
so they gon always be alone baby, you come from the same place dont ya? it was good wasnt it?

see my life is backwards, lil layzie was my nigga to the fullest/
through semi automatic bullets/
but the afro rockin, crack spot im clockin/
had no money was wit my sistas met him n it was on n poppin/

we did the talent shows, and messed wit highschool hoes/
in the city of cleveland rememberin bizzy bone/
i was down to kill niggaz the 1st to swing/
the last of the real niggaz n down for anything/

so now im all alone, and you let krayzie diss me?/
just tell me how could he be so damn pissed at me/
i never fucked his girl, i never took his money/
how could you just ride wit him?, you aint smellin something funny?/

Sellin dope tryin to make a lil dividend/
When i was shootin niggaz, you was my only friend/
Sellin dope tryin to make a lil dividend/
When i was shootin niggaz (shootin,shootin,shootin)/

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