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Battle Cry

Bizzy Bone

-Gold-(Bizzy Bone)-
I cock back my glock, drop down in the bushes, but the shit don't stop (You don't want trouble then hear me, hear me roar ...)

-Bizzy Bone-
Hear me roar/ These are my battlecries..

In the wasteland, I'm street blastin, caught up in street war/ I'm torn between life, cuz death was sworn/ An outkast with black ski masks, that's when I blast/ Guerilla warfare, my homies call and i'll be there/ Tech nines and bombs, witness this ghetto Nam, ya feelin this ghetto song?/ My battlecry for peace, but it's murder in these streets, we was raised in these streets, all we know is these streets/ A fifth of Hennessey's callin, now i'm drunk and I'm ballin, livin my life wild/ A child of war, respect nigga, correct you paint this/ A product of this shit, everyday I pray to get ya, got my knife and i'ma stick ya, split ya/ I see ya fallin like Reginald Denny, cuz God's callin for his children/ Synthesizin these chromes, it's time to overcome/ Bitch, so what you lookin at me for?/ We'll take you bitches to war!

-Cat Cody-
These are my battlecries, when it's time for war we ride

-Bizzy Bone-
Armies of Armageddon, nigga suited, regimes, fatigues/ Run with the violent henchmen, cuz they could love us/ Thuggish ruggish indeed/ Here for the finish, outta the trenches, see Bizzy singin with Biggie, even Pac was bustin with me/ Where my niggas at?/ Feel me, Eazy to leave me broke, then a bitch believe me/ Lost souls aint no lost souls, decieved me, believed it/ So strapped and ready for battle, let's sattle up, and scatter/ Look at him tatted up and I'm rollin up blunts, gonna smoke it all up and smash ya/ Mash in and out of burrows, we thorough, fuck the world, in a society that'll lie to me, America's so absurd, It hurt/ Outta my jungleish ghetto, metal we settle, don't let the light skin fool ya, I tear, I tear, tear/ Revolutionary rebels ready to die, go up in Heaven/ My family, fuck the Grammy, nigga, no one can do it better ..


I can't breathe, murderous thoughts rest in my genes/ So full of pain, the war games inside my brain/ Oh what a shame, mama, you brought the nigga insane/ So stop the cryin, I'm for dyin infront of the line, dyin for mine/ Everytime I blast with my nine, I call my thugs, a million niggas with nothing but love (Thug Luv)/ God has been lost, and let a nigga know, show me the way/ So much hate, this hate, you bitch niggas gon feel me before it's said and done/ Lil Ripsta (Ripster..) we won!/ Glocks unloaded/ The shit was real before I wrote it/ Menenski, tell em ...

Yeah, nigga/ And left me hangin when I'm bangin, killin shit, splittin shit/ Warrior of the streets, forced to keep my heat/ Society's fucked up, drove me a straight nut/ Smashin my cash, blastin for blast, they gon feel me, they wanna kill me, like they did Eazy, Makevelli and Biggie, but Menenski already knowin Armageddon is comin/ I aint runnin I'm gunnin' my man down/That's why I'm stackin my heat now ...


-Cat Cody-
Ripsta we ride (Ripsta we ride)/ Meneski you ready to die? (Meneski you ready to die with me?)/ Bizzy we ready to ride/ My niggas is ready to ride with me / Blast , smash, crash.....

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