Hannicap Circus

Sound, camera, annnnnd...

[Introduction: spoken by Young Miles]
Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls!
Bitches and whole-ass niggaz, the weirdo is back!
I want everybody right now to put your blunts up!
You're now listenin' to
Bizarre's solo album, the Handi-cap Circus!
and I'm your boy, young mile of the future!
And my mans about to get it crackin' for ya'll!
The band has a new lead singer!
Everybody stand up!
Put ya muthafucking hands up for the number one weirdo,

Heeey.. bitch, its the nigga with the shower cap!
Kickin' a nasty, dirty 50 rap.
Detroit's on the maaap,
and D12's back!
Any nigger pop shit, get his ass smacked!
I got two lesbians, full blown aids,
20 bucks, you can get your ass laid.
Welcome to Detroit, where the city is cold,
where niggas ride on pot holes, and fuck up their twenty-fous.
Come to bail-out,
where niggas drinking brew, where all-stars dance
open to tunes. [??]
Seven-mile estout[?] is where ya'll find me,
or downtown, where its gritty and grimy!
Detroit, the home of the trick-hoes,
Monty Carlo's smoking gas[?] by the o's [coughing]
But if ya want weed, holla at my man, seven-mile,
the home of strawberry dan[???]

Detroit is in the house and I thought I'd let you know.
We smoking gas[?]and got them greens by the o's.
This is 313 and I thought I would let you know.
Detroit, the east side, the west side, nigger....

By DiegĂŁo

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