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Fat Father


Hannicap Circus

[Beeping noise...]
[Bizarre:]'Ey yo! This Bizarre, and ya'll listenin' to the Handi-cap Circus,
I'm 'bout to call my man fat father I write quit[?],
That's my joke partner,
Every time I wanna hear a new joke or sum shit, I call this big ass nigga up!
Let's call him up, see what the fuck he got to say!
[Beeping as numbers on phone being pushed...]
[Dial Tone...]
[Fat Father:] Yep!
[Bizarre:] What up man!
[Fat Father:] What up!
[Bizarre:] What's crackin'?
[Fat Father:] Man slow-motion man, but I...I caught up with it.
[Bizarre:] Are..are you tryna rehersin' or sumin'?
[Fat Father:] Hell no.....having a meeting man!
[Bizarre:] Ok, you tryna get on the police-force?
[Fat Father:] [laughs] Nooo, nigga...hey man, hey you probably the private nigger that fried bacon naked so the grease will pop you!
[Bizarre:] [Laughs]
[Fat Father:] [Laughs]
[Bizarre:] Where'd you get that one from?
[Bizarre and Fat Father:] [Laughs]
[Bizarre:] Oh, nah! You got this one call from [???]
[Bizarre and Fat Father:] [Laughs]
[Fat Father:] Hey man, you want the deal for breaking a niggas cream [??]
[Bizarre:] [Laughs]
[Fat Father:] [Laughs]
[Bizarre:] Where the fuck you get that one from?
[Fat Father:] [Laughs] That's new shit dog! Freshly published!
[Bizarre:] And, and hows you [?]
[Fat Father:] [Laughs] Hey, I heard you got a summer job breeding hound dogs!
[Bizarre:] [Laughs]
[Fat Father:] [Laughs]

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