In Heat


Be My Slave / Damnation Alley

In Heat

I'm all alone, can't find a thing to do
I can't concentrate my mind on anything but you

In heat
So sweet
In heat
Burns deep

Only been with you once, twice, maybe more
You gave me fever, you really showed me the score


You rally got me hooked, I gotta have my fix
Ooh, baby, baby, where'd you get those hot licks?
I'm crawling to the phone, but you're just never home
I'm going up the electric wall, I gotta have your all
Yeah, yeah I gotta have your all



It really ain't no fun in heat like this
Ooh, I'd give anything just to have your kiss
The phone is ringing, ringing ringing off the shelf
I'll just have to stalk the night and look for someone else

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