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Always Be My Man (With Luke Evans)

Billy Porter

Please believe for me and you
There's always space
Even though sometimes it feels we're worlds away
You got my whole world in your hands
Hold on to me
'Cause you'll always be my man

People go drifting by like galaxies in time
But in the moment that we met
The stars aligned
Like it was always in His plan
It's destiny
You'll always be my man
Oh, yeah

And I know
God wouldn't make a love that's wrong
And I know
Love is a place we all belong
We've made our plans
We've said our vows
Time is here
Space is ours to grow

For the first time in my life, I know it's love
Knowing that we're two men who dared to rise above
No matter if they don't understand
For eternity
You will always be my man
Ooh, yeah
For eternity
You will always be my man

Composição: Billy Porter, Conner Reeves & Joe Killington

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