I'm Pablo

Billie The Vision and The Dancers

The World According to Pablo

Well, if you’re ready, we’re ready. This is the world according to Pablo…

“Pablo Diablo, Pablo Diablo, What are you doin’ to yourself and to all your friends. Do you think these one way efforts can last? Pablo Diablo, we know what’s best for you, you’d better wash your clothes, you’d better wash your hair too. Are you as perverted as we all guess you are?”

I’m Pablo Diablo, I’m doin’ the best I can. I cannot answer these questions cause they make me feel sick. I’m Pablo Diablo and I won’t let you in, cause you’re not good enough.

I won’t let in, no I won’t let you in. I’m Pablo Diablo and I won’t let you in.

Jessica is good to me. She tells the recipe, she sends me Easter cards and chocolate for a month or two. I’m in love with you can you feel the vibrations. Leave me alone Susan. Don’t ever call me again, don’t ever mail or try to give me bad conscience. I’ll see you in hell cause we’re both going to hell.

I’m Pablo Diablo, I aint got no sisters left. But I don’t care cause there are many better sisters out there. I’m Pablo Diablo and I won’t feel ashamed, no I won’t feel ashamed.

I won't feel ashamed, no I won't feel ashamed. I'm Pablo Diablo and I won't feel ashamed.

Compositor: L.lindquist

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