Winter Song

Bill Morrissey

Smoke 'em if you got 'em
You're not too far from the bottom
and it's still so early in the day
She told me what she taught 'em
We're just halfway into autumn
But when winter comes, it's here to stay

The snow falls pretty and it covers up the ground
and it hides
what will not go away
Down in the city she buys clothes by the pound
just to fool me
into thinking her way

Come sing a winter tune
a winter tune so gay
It's too bad the check had to come so soon
and I hear it's your turn to pay

Well, her eyes were blue and her eyes were green
and you never knew
which ones you'd see
They would stare through a film of cosmoline
and they were always trained
right on me

She said he went insane
in a Ford Fairlane
parked beside a stand of hemlock trees
They were safe out of the rain
when he finally made his claim
and he didn't ask and didn't say please


There weren't nobody
on that mountain road
when you slide off deep into the snow
Now the night is getting cold
and has a very good hold
with no reason to ever let go

Your own Mother Earth wants to call you home
and protect you
from all harm
She's so lonely in the night
and if you only held her tight
there'll be no need for alarm


You never travel steerage
when you're in a Boston marriage
No matter what the people may say
You found yourself a lover
Drag her underneath the cover
and show her where the hound dogs bay

An after dinner cigarette
another shot of anisette
Adjust the seat in the Fairlane
You gave them what they want
in the finest restaurant
and you didn't cry or didn't name names


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