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St. Valentine's Day

Bill Morrissey

The church was cold and darkness
at the early morning Mass
Till the sun brought its own colors
to the figures in the stained glass
And they shown from a light
that came from so far away
It was a miracle to my young eyes
on St. Valentine's Day

The streets, they were bog iron
The air was cruel and thin
I could wrap my scarf around my neck
but something always found its way in
Like I wrap myself around you now
when there's nothing left to say
And I hold you like the miracle
of St. Valentine's Day

Just to hold you before the sunrise
when the world is just a darkened heart
and that heart is full of lies
'Cause I told you it ain't ever gonna go away
This miracle I feel in your arms
on St. Valentine's Day

Walk me out on the frozen lake
Put an end to all my fears
I can stand here if you can too
I can stand right here for years
With your arms around me
like it was always meant to be this way
When the miracle comes back one last time
on St. Valentine's Day


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