Moving Day

Bill Morrissey

Lock the door and say goodbye
There's new folks moving in
Leave the key in the mailbox now
and kiss me once again
Kiss me for the ones who say
all love comes to an end
Though we never let it go that way
we start alone again

Our years they ran in circles
It was a long and stormy ride
No pot of gold for the happy groom
No brass ring for the bride
Nothing but the two of us
and the promises we made
Love disappeared in a summer wind
so soft she could've stayed

Two stars hanging in the sky
behind a drifting cloud
And when two hearts must say goodbye
love cannot be proud
Love cannot take sides
or take a stand or answer why
Sometimes two hearts must fall away
no matter how they try

Moving day is over now
This house is just a shell
Say goodbye to the sights and sounds
we came to know so well
Your car is loaded to the roof
It's just the same as mine
There's no room for the dreams we had
I guess they stay behind

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