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Just Before We Lost The War

Bill Morrissey

The July wind blew from the mountain
and threw a chill on the lake shore
The whitecaps danced around us
like they never have before
There ain't no room in this little town
No one to settle up the score
So we must live with what we both put down
just before we lost the war

My love for you has gone unspoken
Still you knew the words I'd say
Yet we stand here with both hearts broken
on this windy summer day
I can't find relief in the lies I told
but they came right from my core
I still believe one of us ran cold
just before we lost the war

I used to think that time was plenty
and time was all I knew
But it gets cut short for so many
It could be me; it could be you
There ain't no wind that can blow the truth
back to where it stood before
And I couldn't change it in a cold phone booth
just before we lost the war

So say goodbye and fare-thee-well
Tell everyone I'm doing fine
For as far as I can tell
I'm just ten years down the line
What we give we can't get back
and we always ask for more
We could not retreat; we could not attack
just before we lost the war

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