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Tugboats and Tumbleweeds

Bill Callahan

Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

Some time alone when you are young is good
High, high time, and drunk old time, sober time
I advise all three when your brain is at least twenty-three
Take a tumbleweed year or two
And find an eye that's true
But don't let yourself get so blue
That you make rash decisions for two
Else you'll harm yourself and another
Who mistook you for a guide
When you're still a rogue tide

Fools learn from fools
The wise learn from the wise
And always be prepared to revise

And when you get older, find a quiet time
To ride on ahead or fall behind
And take a good look inside your mind
Morning can be godmotherly
To stretch, walk, and wander through
Or the wee small hours
when the whole world is asleep, but you
Afternoons are okay too
To take an ocean view
And always look for the tugboats
Already attached to you
And you, you're a tugboat too
Yeah, you, you're a tugboat too

You're my tugboat
You're my tugboat
You're my tugboat

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