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Son Of The Sea

Bill Callahan

Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

The house is full of life
Life is change
Even death is not stable
The house is full of whatever I bring to the table
If there is no supper, the children look to me
Then to the table and then to the sea
A son of a fisherman, like I used to be
I spent many a day staring out at that sea
Water apologizes for sorrow endlessly

And what change will come when our will is done?
I got married to my wife, she's lovely
And I had a son
Giving birth nearly killed me
Some say I died
And all that survived was my lullabies

The panic room is now a nursery
And there's renovators renovating constantly
In the winter, the water is frank with me
Says, "Son, there is still a fisherman out on that sea
And he's looking for his family
He's looking for his family
He's looking for the son of the sea
He's looking for the son of the sea"

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