Bill Callahan

Ry Cooder

Bill Callahan

Gold Record

Ry Cooder
He's a real straight shooter
Is that Ry Cooder?

So laid back and exact in his attack of the discipline
Like a cat I wonder what bag he's next going to get in

He's a real shapeshifter
Better call him Mister
Uh, Mister Cooder?

English rockers, all their money goes right up their nose
Well Ry just smiles and tries to ignore the difficult yoga pose
He's a real straight spiner
Gold song 49er

He freed Cuba with a Buena Vista
Him and them, and it turned me on to old Kim Sinh
And remember those licks he played on Chicken Skin

Now imagine him laying a part down right here where the song grows thin
Drawing all the listeners who tuned out right back in

He's a real sidekicker
And a mighty good leader
In and out of so many bags
A recent mandolin with bluegrass Ricky Skaggs

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