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Confederate Jasmine

Bill Callahan

Shepherd In A Sheepskin Vest

Life has given you a gift
May I have it?
Sitting up alone, sipping on writer's cologne
My wife sleeps well
I should have asked for some loving
In the morning, for sure
When Confederate Jasmine clings to the air
Like a soft note from a dented horn
And Grover counts to fifty
In the other room, sweetly forlorn

But there's a wolf in my house
Messing up the bed I learned to make in AA
And a frightened child won't tell the wolf to go away
It brings a smile to the tear in the eye
of the shepherd on the hillside
We've seen enough wolf for one day
And packs his staff away

The heart of man
Is a fork in the road
That's where I stand
As the ocean pulls the moon from behind the cloud
Its face makes the wolves howl
Wakes my wife, makes my wife find a towel
She says, "It's late, I'm bleeding"
And we're making love right now

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