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As I Wander

Bill Callahan

Gold Record

I travel, I sing, I notice when people notice things

Well, as I wander through the rooms of the world
Love archives me
The clarion call can get trapped in a horn in a case beneath the bed

The life of a magician's dove I've led
And Paul rode horses on these roads
Writing the letters in his head

And I may have been wandering too long
In love with wandering, wandering, wandering love

Squandering offerings like the idol with it's Mandarin
It's just that I'm all of these things
Like water may freeze to break a ring
This bridge may cause this train to sink

The babies make me feel at ease with eyes like honey-drunk bees
As I wander the aisle between them
Tickets please

It's times like these
That the forces at work begin considering me
As the link between death and dreams

For some sweet minutes, everyone is counting on me
To get them home

Before the track ends
Through the wayward symphonies of steel on steel
As the city falls away to single bricks in the field
As if I were the conductor and this train were real

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