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Rip (Rest In Pissof-Ed Ness)

Bikini Kill

I can't say everything about it
In just one single song
I can't put how i fell in a package
And Sell it back to everyone

but wait
There's another boy genius hwose fucking gone
I hope the food tastes better in heaven
I know there's lots of rad queer boys up there
I hope every time they talk to you
They kno they're lucky to be your friend

Cuz look
there's another boy genius whose fucking gone
And I wouldn't be so Fucking mad, so fucking Pissed off
if it wasn't so fucking wrong
It's all fucking wrong
It's not faire, its not faire, its not fair

But no one said like was easy
Yeah, But no one said, no one said
Nothing's supposed to happen right
No, no one told me AnYtHiNg
to prepare me for fucking this

There's another boy genius whose fucking gone
Don't tell me it don't matter
Don't tell me I've had 3 day to get over it
It won't go away
It just won't go away

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