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What The Night Can Do

Big Talk

We were wasted
Lovers without being loved
You know one side don't believe in you
The timing is fine

We were all a little too wrapped up
And layin' it down
I'm gonna wanna see you again
So don't turn around

Assuming it's a one night thing
No one could know about
I'm lost in a movie
I'm trying it on

I'm looking for the version
That's pounding the fight
The senile mind of a man
Doesn't need a reason why
No matter what you do here
No matter what you choose
Ain't it strange what the night can do?

We'll all be alone
Sooner or later
And that's the design
Of a heart in this town

We tend to forget
That part's in the labor
No one gets the circus
Unless there's a clown

And when the moon is speaking in phrases
We are the ones paralyzed by light
With babies at home, doing the dishes

I have a rope tied to desire
Along for the ride
Such an easy heart, come and collect it
She's playing the fool
Ain't it strange what the night can do?

We're all make-believers, hiding the proof
You keep it like a secret
And even if they come for you
Don't matter what you say here
Don't matter what you do
Ain't it strange what the night can do?

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