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Story By Stevie Wonder

Big Sean

Detroit 2

Hey, this is Stevie
I was blessed to be raised in the west side of Detroit
I lived on Breckinridge, that was the first home that we lived in
My neighborhood where I was raised up
When the girls came along
I would sing on the front porch beating on the stairs
And singing for hours and hours upon hours
Seeing a piano for the first time, but the amazing thing as well is through those experiences
I was able to understand how my being blind because my mother allowed me to be free
Didn't mean that I had to be blind to the world
I may have had a visual disability but did not stop my vision inside me
I didn't know what it was like being poor because God had made me rich
Even before I was born
Rich was the spirit of knowing that anything you imagined
That's for the good is possible to be a reality
Because a few weeks before I was discovered I had a dream
That I heard my music, my record on the radio
I had nothing out, no one knew who I was, and, umm, amazing it really happened
And so you know it's, I can say to other young people as I said to my son Kiland
I said listen, what you don't understand is that
God gave you a brand even before you were born
All you had to do in life is walk into it

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