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Purple Stuff (remix)

Big Moe

(Big Moe)
purple stuff, purple stuff
that purple stuff, purple stuff
purple stuff, that purple stuff

(Project Pat)
Drinkin on some purple got me feelin mello
some like promethazine some like that yellow
Project Pat that fellow
hit that from the tailow pur-pur-purple stuff
pockets sittin swellow
dollars I be stackin make that...clap in
when I'm in the bedroom I'm hittin it from the backend
freakin that thing on them things kinda swervy
cruise on them 22's keep 'em sittin jervy
chickens actin birdy, ridin kinda dirty
eyes like a china mayn high as a birdy'
ridin kind of early me and Big Mizzel
home of that sizzurp holla at a nizzel
hit it in the cizzil gone off that drank-drank
go let go my eggo and find you a drug mayn
bigger then a dollar cause I'm a keep my cheese up
picture me swallow the south off the heezy

(Big Moe)
the south is off the heezy, the south is off the heezy
aint no girl talkin down on Meezy
really doesnt matter if you follow ya click
its that Big Moe and the Screwed Up Click
and my kin folk Po-yo always on that purple
we stay sippin on some drr-aank and the Project Pat
you know hes got my back
I'm all about my fetti, my cream, and my stack
I'm a put it down I got the rocks on my wrist
drinkin throwed and you know its sun kist
I'm a G chop, chop, chop on my block
on that purple stuff it got me feelin so high
when I'm drinkin its in my tummy
it got me leanin standin like a mummy
I'm a G and you know I'm throwed in the game
I'm a sip, sip, sip, sip until the day that I'm gone

(I'm on that purple)
purple stuff, purple stuff
purple stuff, purple stuff
(purple stuff)
purple stuff, that purple stuff

(Big Pokey)
Dro's in the air, I'm sippin on this liquor
not sprite minds, or city of syrup, mines the big dipper
boys movin quicker then me I'm on lean
that and a sack of hydro light green
I'm lookin for somethin 19 in tight jeans
my eyes blood shot pass the visine
on the bendin knees its that throwed menage
I'm on the petty wit a pocket fulla trojan R's
its some throwed lil broads in the place tonight
gotta pint po'ed up so I'm tastin right
we on the case tonight me and da barre baby
Noke D, D-Gotti, see we barre crazy

Muddy cups, muddy drunk
leanin in it slow its some knockin trunk
purple this, purple that
even slide in the purple candy Caddillac
I gotta Kool-Aid smile off some purple Kool-Aid
a pump froze, milly, milly a blue ice Gatorade
its some playa drank I was raised on the stuff
naw uh keep that Cris' pass me a muddy cup
so I can lean on you like the Monte'De Elrado
here we go again my lil mama hollerin wake up Gotto
2 swallows to the dome I'm like (aaah!)
been tendin to the Barre Yard since Junior High

[Chorus] - repeat until fade

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