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Every Body

Big Moe

D-Gotti I'm home baby, we here to party
Bar better keep watching, they lil' mama twat
Cause we ain't turning down nothing, but our collars
Know I'm tal'n bout, for real though feel us ha-ha

Still be, body rocking
Powered up, everybody watching

[Big Moe]
I'm here to party
Everybody, join me

Thank you, for supporting the family
Everybody know, we ride for the 3

[Big Moe]
Now my family, on note
Everybody, think thoed

When we, hustle in the streets
Now we make y'all, sing and move ya feet

[Big Moe]
I bet y'all, gon love it
Wouldn't trade it, for nothing

Everybody come on, and sing along and
(everybody, we came to party)
Let me see your hands if, you riding on chrome and
(everybody, we came to party)

Throw yo, hands in the air
Wave em side to side, like you just don't care

[Big Moe]
I wanna know, if
Y'all sip, purple potion

Where they at, where the bar sippers at
After the show, me and Moe is in the back

[Big Moe]
Now, body rock with me
And my Wreckshop Family

And take time, to holla at the Screw
Where would we be, if we never met you

[Big Moe]
Candy paint, is what I ride
And I'm from, that Southside

Everybody's in a, Big Moe zone and

[Big Moe]
Everybody, we came to party

If you can't get it up, take your ass home mayn

[Big Moe]
Everybody, we came to party


I'm in Coco Vanelle
Up in the club, like it's the old K Farrell
Peeping lil' mama, in the go-go pair
Screwston Texas baby, that Southside so so for real
Baby, I love the game
Came through the do' ice, hanging off my chain
Stress is a strain, get away from me
Sugar fuck what you going through, you ain't bout to clown me
You'll learn to find me, after the show with my dick in your bitch
And couldn't care about you hollin' bout, me and you quit
Speakers are, him brawl in the streets
Catch me at the hottest spot, where the playas meet
Destined by the 3, getting winks from across the room
On a whole 'nother note, up under a fool moon
The team and Toon, about to blow like C-4
And y'all know when Gott-O, touch track that boy go so

[Hook - 2x]

Everybody, we came to party

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