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Big Dudes

Big Moe

[Big Moe]
It's the Moe-torola, too big for the Yoda
I ain't riding in a Honda, cause I might tip it over
Man it's big daddy, gon need a big Caddy
Hogging four lanes, so them boys can't pass me
Or that big Benz, or that big truck
So when I get in, I'm popped up on big buck
Big wood big boom, in the hood with Big Toon
They bopping in the mall, cause we shop at Big & Tall
Big boys gon ball, spring and the fall
The winter and the summer, in a stretched out Hummer
Bad guy with the lummer, bass beating like a drummer
Big dreams big schemes, big nigga and I'm doing big things

[Noke D]
Big house big car, big money big star
Big nigga showing up, big spender at the bar
Big fat muddy cup, big ass on the buck
Big tire whole truck, big rims buttoned up
Big grill for the hoes, man you already know
Big boys put it down, big boys get chose
I like big brown eyes, and big round thighs
A lil' round navel, and a big ring inside
Got ol' nuts, big glory my story
Big clutch playa, like big Robert Horry
Big piece big chain, big name big fame
Big this big that, big every damn thang

Going low, and known to tip slow
It's Big Moe, I'm stepping through the do'
Slow and low, it's moving tip pole
It's Big Moe, I'm stepping through the do'

[Big Toon]
Big black Expedition, big deuce-deuce inches
Two big glock bitches, 'case boys big sixes
Big Toon I ain't tripping, I'm all about the riches
Gotta have big figgas, so I stay in the kitchen
I stay cooking O's, weighing 28 grams
Big dude damn fool, man that's who I am
Big boss playa, pretty hoe layer
It's Big Toon, Noke D and the Big Mayor
Slap a bitch in the mouth, talking down on the South
We so hot, a deep freezer couldn't cool us off
Big guns around here, will get your brains pushed out
Come around playing games, will get your name crossed out bitch


I ain't bigger than the average, but I'm larger than life
Like a throwing Pit, can't control his bark and his bite
Sight me in some'ing big, on some big ol' rims
Big on these bad bitches, but I like ghetto slim
As I slim, through my big black book
Trying to let these hoes know I'm trying to get at em, with this big black hook
Shook the block, with the big ol' 18's in the trunk
And resting 'cross the back seat, is a big ol' pump
Boys don't want none, the bigger they are the harder they haul
It's different with spinning rims, the bigger they are the harder the car
And when I haul in the club, I get big love from the streets
See I'm a independent big hard, chasing big dreams come on


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