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Thank U

Big Ed

Ha-ha, yeah this song here
Is dedicated, to my number one lady
Everybody number one lady, mama

[Big Ed:]
There's not another woman like you, in this world I know
You give so much of yourself, our love is bound to grow
And I appreciate it, I always knew from the very start
No one else can captivate my heart, like you do mama
Your unconditional love, is sweet
If I fall, you put me back on my feet
No matter how big I get, I'll always be your baby
I can't thank enough, on how you raised me
You'll always be, my number one lady
Although I'll admit, sometimes you drive me crazy
But I just laugh about it, I want you with me forever
I started a family, but I will leave you never never

[Hook x2: Renard]
Thank you mama, oooh thank you mama
Thank you mama,oooooh

[Big Ed:]
No one has my back, like you
Sometimes I think about, all the things we been through
Just me and you, I guess my father was a coward
And turned his back on his own seed, and his precious ghetto flower
I appreciate, every hour
That you ever gave me, whether sweet or sour I do mama
You's my homegirl, incredible wonderful black pearl
I wouldn't trade you, for the whole world
You could put that, on my soul to keep
Harm you, everybody goes to sleep forget about it
Kissing you, like I'm still five
Yeah I'm a mama's boy, I will love you for all time

How would I survive, without you by my side
You my mama, and I love you I wanna thank you

[Hook x2]

Thank you mama, yeah-yeah
I just wanna say thank you mama, I love you

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