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    Daddy Daddy tell me a story of how you took out that wack MC
    No Daddy, tell them how you beat down that bootlegger
    Daddy Daddy tell us a story!

    [Big Daddy Kane]
    Heh heh, alright, alright, alright y'all OK
    Come on y'all, crowd around Daddy now OK? C'mon
    Y'all just sit there and listen
    I'ma tell you about the MC
    and I'ma tell you about the bootlegger, OK?
    Here we go children

    It happened at a jam, some kid tried to sham on the program
    So I had to silence the lamb and show him who I am
    So I just set it off on my competitor
    Freakin the funk as I hit em with crazy metaphors
    Like back up off me Dukes, because you're trippin
    You better dry your cranium off, cause your brain is slippin
    You beatin me is somethin that I doubt
    The only way you could bake Kane is workin in a crackhouse
    No man alive can withstand the Kane flow
    I kick so much flavor that my shoes look like a rainbow
    You need a whole lot of practice, you thought that you was
    on the money so I took you out like taxes!
    Now you can Flea Off, releasin me G, easy be
    to keep the great MC
    Then I throw em I lean and mean record to spark
    So I can school that ass just like Joe Clark
    next I translated, my rap is more educated
    and made it complicated for him to illustrate it
    My dexterity, put him in fear of me
    and had his mind bewildered by everything he was hearin see
    That was enough to slow his whole train of thought down
    So I just speeded the pace up more than enough for him to come around
    I triple the words, when makin the rhymes, whatever the rhythm
    Puttin his mind in a prison
    And oh yeah, that's how I did em

    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HEYYYYYYYY)

    I was out flex, lookin cold sex in a Lex'
    Sippin on a Beck's, pumpin the remix of Das EFX
    Drive down 125th with my man
    And what did I see, bein sold at the stand?
    A bunch of bootleg tapes that he had claim on it
    So I snatched everything with my name on it
    And give me that Kool G. Rap tape, and give me that Ice Cube
    and all the Wu-Tang joints, cause they're my boys too
    A man tryin to make a livin, I can't knock it
    But now you tried to take money out of my pocket
    Word to Miz, what the problem is, is that the kids
    didn't buy it from The Wiz, they bought your shaky fibs so
    now it's time to move him off the block
    Pass me the glock cause I might make a body rock
    And I'll break down sixteen shots
    That's One + Eight + Seven on a undercover
    bootlegger, you're worse than a beggar
    Makin a fake profit, stop it
    Cause I work hard for the money, to make cash flow
    to have another come along and take my dough
    So I just told my man, aiyyo
    throw the tapes in the Lexus
    Then we burned his whole stand down just like Waco, Texas
    And then I jumped on the brother, with rage
    Crushed his ribcage, damn did he get slayed
    Cause I don't think he even know whatever hit him
    Bootleggers beware, cause yeah I did em

    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HEYYYYYYYY)

    Give it your best shot, bring it with all you got
    And watch the bombs I drop just rock your knot
    Cause it ain't wise to address me
    I wouldn't advise a schoolteacher to test me
    Cause I don't just do em, I run through em
    And I don't just hurt, uh uh, I body work em
    Lyrical torture, never could support ya
    For steppin to me, agony is what it brought ya
    Cause you never seen this type of lyrical genius
    that could never be touched, and I mean this
    So one love, I'ma leave you with the rhythm
    Ain't no need to go off, cause yo hon know I did em

    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HUH) that's how I did em (HAH)
    That's how I did em (HEYYYYYYYY)

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