Chin Up, Boy!

Big D And The Kids Table

Well it's alright
Well it's okay
There's someone out there
Waiting for you, just waiting to meet you

The boy was never the crazy one, you know the one to
talk first, so it must have been a moment of just pure
inspiration, He said, "Yeah you know the girl, the one with
those long crazy curls? Well I'm gonna ask her out man,
that's right, I'm gonna take her around the world"
Maybe it was his soft voice
Maybe it was just his lean
Maybe it was the way his lip curled
when she'd really made him think
Maybe it was just those brown eyes
Guess we'll never really know, But she said
"Sure that sounds nice, what time would you like to go?"

They walked about the gardens, you know, the pond,
near the swan boats, He picked a blue flower and he
told her a couple jokes, But when it came time for
dancing, the hall's price was just too big, He stuttered,
kicked some dirt, he had to think of something quick
So he just twirled her outside the window, With a delicate
embrace, And just about everyone inside watched them
dance, with moonlight on their face

It takes time
To find the one you love

Both had curfews, both were missed, He told her a little
secret, Which earned him a little kiss, it was strange in a
familiar way, familiar in a strange way, When the sun
finally came up, they were just laying, counting the waves

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