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Are You Just Scared?

Big D And The Kids Table

standing with everyone you do what they all do you talk and agree but you still have no clue your smiles like a mask just for us to see but it's getting hotter inside and it's getting hard to breathe, yesterday you're something, you're something that you're not, yesterday you're something, youre something that you're not, today you're something, youre something that you're not, you're hard to figure out you're hard to figure out, are you who you said well i can't tell, i can't tell are you real with me well i can't tell at all {is that what you like or are you just scared} where did you get that off the tv or a trend who are you trying to be like, like an actor or a band i liked you much better when you just didn't care didn't care about how you were acting or what you had to wear, one day you put down something the next day it's who you are you get so caught up in their crap you'll try anything when you're the star how can they change you so quickly you are led am i talking to you or is who i know dead. {chorus}

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