Big Audio Dynamite

Ticket bought a ticket
Flew in from J. A.
And we go ribbit

All year holiday
Home in the sun
Had to find work
So I came to England

Ticket that`s the ticket
Given the sack
We had to picket

Now we`re all on the dole
And ther`s lots of free time
Everybody is poor
They blame us for the crime

Ticket that`s the a ticket
Carry a purse
Someone`ll nick it

Ticket bought a ticket
Went to football
And see them kick it

In England the sport - Wembley
Has got a bad name
Violent support
Gonna ruin the game

Wicket we need a wicket
When summer come
They had cricket

Boham is cool
Selectors are spaced
Englands loosing again
W. G. Disgraced

Ticket that`s the ticket
Wee`d have too much speed
You have to pick it

Imported by sense
Sent in the mail
Beware of the dog
I got thrown into jail

Ticket I`ve got my ticket
Been giving you grief
Tell them to stick it

Tell them
Tell them

Ticket that`s the ticket
Tell them......

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