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Lonely Lola Cherry Cola Girl

Bic Runga

Lonely lola cherry cola girl
How much do they pay you for your smile?
Alone in your own creaming soda world
Maybe you were happy for a while
Lola you're a star tonight
Don't let them pluck you from the sky

Lonely Lola everybody knows
Everybody calls themselves your friend
But later on tonight when it gets cold
Lola who's (ah) gonna hold you then?
There's something in your eyes tonight
Forget them and take it in your stride

My friends told me 'bout how you've been gettin' out
But no-one seems to know your name
Slide on through the crowd and let them talk aloud
They only want to hold ya
Do they really know ya Lola?

So you say you're Lonely, Lola, sure
Everybody gets that way sometimes
But Lonely Lola you could know the cure
Wait it out and Lola, you'll be fine
It's easy if you try tonight
Don't sit there and keep on asking 'Why?'


Lola you're on fire tonight
Don't sit there and keep on asking 'Why?'


Do they really know you Lola? (*4)

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