Bic Runga

Anytime that you fall asleep
I'm wide-awake
Anytime that you leave your house
I'm waiting at the gate
I'm not angry anymore
Come on and show your soul
I'd love to hang it on the wall
Framed for me

Anytime that you smile
I know that's really you
Anytime that you laugh
You know that I'll be laughing too
But it's not funny anymore
Come on now where's your soul
Is that it crumpled on the floor?
Is this blame on me?

Delight, delight, delight, delight, delight
At least we know its name
Delight, delight, delight
Wouldn't that be nice to feel again?
Delight, delight, delight
It's all locked outside it won't be coming in

Anytime now you'll talk
At least I hope you will
Anytime now you'll speak
And you know I'll be listening still
But we don't say much anymore
Come on tell it from your soul


Won't be coming in
Delight, delight, it's locked outside
Outside, tonight, it won't be coming in

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