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I never talk to strangers

Bette Midler

Bette: "Bartender, I'd like a Manhattan, please."

Tom: Um, stop me if you've heard this one,
but I feel as though we've met before.
Perhaps I am mistaken.
Bette: But it's just that I remind you of
someone you used to care about.
Oh, but that was long ago.
Now tell me, do you really think
I'd fall for that old line?
I was not born just yesterday.
Besides, I never talk to strangers anyway.

Tom: Well, hell, I ain't such a bad guy
once you get to know me.
Just thought there ain't no harm.
Bette: Hey-e-yeh, just try minding your own business, bud.
Who asked you to annoy me
with your sad, sad repartee?
Besides, I never talk to strangers anyway.

Your life's a dime store novel.
This town is full of guys like you.
And you're looking for someone
to take the place of her.

Tom: You must be reading my mail.
'N' you're bitter 'cause he left you.
That's why you're drinkin' in this bar.
Bette&Tom: Well, only suckers fall in love
with perfect strangers.

Bette: It always takes one to know one, stranger.
Tom: Maybe we're just wiser now.
Bette: Yeah, 'n' been around the block
so many times
Tom:that we don't notice
Bette&Tom: that we're all just perfect strangers
as long as we ignore
that we all begin as strangers
just before we find
we really aren't strangers

Bette: "Aw, you don't look like such a chump."

Tom: "Aw, hey babe."

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