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You Said You Knew So What's Knew Huh?

Best Interest

Scream the words in melody so
I could take it in or I'll pretend to
You said you knew so what's new huh?
Please don't make the same uh oh's

I'm at the pit stop
And you're already on lap number four
Can you tell where this is going yet?
You're so predictable
I almost feel sorry for this
But you can't tell a lie the truth, that's still dishonest

I'm writing about you and me, so at least we're on the same page
And if you're still listening, then this means that I'm getting to you
I'll use this stage like a shotgun and stare at your ear through the cross hair
Then fire a couple rounds that'll knock you off of your feet

Album: Camera Shy But Still A Star (2005)
Lyric by mila_crazyx

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