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Predict This Flick

Best Interest

I'll just pretend that I'm writing a movie with two main characters
I'll do all the work and they'll be the ones that watch sunsets and cheat disaster
They'll run from the cops or fall out of the huge buildings in which they hide
Everyone will watch the screen waiting for the next chapter to arrive

(Fade to Black)
But they survive
I can't go back and change the past when writing scripts that are like fingerprints
So permanent
And so I like to write scripts that change and are cute
and innocent kind of like a virgin getting ready for the 'big day'

Onto the ending, here I think we can give the movie some meaning
Maybe we can insert a love scene but there's just so many
How about an accident where one will start to cry while they watch the other lose their life?
Life can be so hard so how about we keep it trendy and end this movie happy

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