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Empty Bottle Translations

Best Interest

It's questions like...
"If the ocean froze and formed into a huge sheet of ice,
would you skate to the other side of the world
just to hold my hand?"
That your smiles are quick to counter

So I'll continue to dim the lights as you keep thinking
that you've got me fooled
Because you can't translate an empty bottle into something
that you'd like to hear

So dress your tongue up in a suit
that's way too loose around the hips
Because this is as improper as this is going to get
And I know I'm not the sharpest kid in the class
But i'm gonna cut away at your curves and turn you
into a perfect rectangle
A twin to the casket you're throwing mission "us" in two

So Let's drink until we pass out
We're lit and singing out loud (whoa whoa)

Album: Camera Shy But Still A Star (2005)
Lyric by mila_crazyx

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