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Bernard Wright

Bernard Wright
Letras by Renan (Tribes)

Have you been to Wonderland?
There's lots of toys and ice cream stands.
All the rides are fifty cents,
So take those ladies, all you gents.
Haven't had this much fun anywhere,
To go back home, I just don't care,
Me leave this place? No I don't dare!

Tilt-a-Whirl and Wonder Wheel,
Are all those things that you can feel.
Take your time so you can stay,
Having laughs and fun all day.
If you like to feel speed,
The roller coaster is your need.
All other rides are chicken feed!

Haboglabotribin' is an amusement park,
It's there for you from dawn to dark.
Lots of games that you can bid,
A nice clean place to take your kid.
Lights that sparkle all so bright,
I love to see them all at night.
My Wonderland is out of sight!

Whoo! A-take a ride, take a ride! (Repeat)

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