Ben Gibbard


Ben Gibbard

1, 2, 3
every scream went bleeding through these paper walls
if all the make up in the world could hide the scars
i'd leave today
i'm packin my, suitcase and toiletries
the rolling hills, and willow trees
of caroline await for me
You never learned the rules of change since we were 9
this isn't school boys, dont insult the girls
they like the taste of blood,
the claim of love
these two won't hear, or cease to be
sprouting from your fist and tongue
this caroline awaits for me
Fields of grain grow whipping by, from the window seat
i'm drifting in, i'm drifting out
catchin' up on sleep
i couldn't get, indentured since the very crest of 17
i left my keys and broken dreams
cuz caroline awaits for me
I will never forgive a single day
my old marker seemed to call my name and say,
you're safer now, through every town will light your way in reflective green.
all the way the entire state of caroline awaits for me.

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