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Pop a Cap in Yo' Ass

Ben Watt

In the old shoplifting days
Mikey used to do expensive linen and towels
There would be three of them
One for the sting, one standing at the blind spot
They'd agree on the location upfront
The third would be checking for cameras
In case they missed one on the stake-out
The next day mikey would take the goods back
Hed pretend he'd thrown the receipt away in the bag
Say they'd been a present for his mum
And she didn't like the color
He'd end up with a credit note
And then choose a cd player or a watch
Something nice from under the glass counter
Something he could get rid of easily later

Always carry cash, he said
That way if you get caught
They can only arrest you for theft
If you suspect someone's onto you
Use the lift, press all the buttons
Then get out and use a busy exit
If you do the surveillance, suss out the traps
It gets handed to you on a piece of cake
That's what mikey used to say

Things are different now. the kid in the flat next door
Got an air pistol last week
He was picking off pigeons and satellite dishes
From the walkway
Next thing I know he's got it locked and loaded
And he's strolling around. 'pop a cap yo' ass'
That's what he said to me
He walks into the room now and they all pay attention
It must feel good with his chops and his shox
No longer just another kid from the blocks

The boy me and mikey had will be eleven months
In january. he's got his dad's eyes
I haven't seen mikey for weeks
I don't really listen when people say the things they say
About him. he's not a bad man. I want him back whatever

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