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Ben Watt

There in a parking space, on the side of a trailer on the toe
On letters of five foot height
so simple against this hurragan sky
It says "Nathaniel, we'll always love you!
Nathaniel, we'll always love you"

I turn on the T. V. news
another disaster for a lonely multitude
The lingering rolling feet, candles and toys and
A sea of flowers, all from strangers, I think of Nathaniel
"We'll always love you", "Nathaniel, we'll always love you!

At first, you deny it
and ten you get angry that they've gone
You try making a bargain
and then you accept it and you go on
I think of Nathatniel, "we'll always love you! "
"Nathaniel, we'll always love you! "

You won't be the first, you won't be the first to loose control
Oh, but it's hard, it's so hard to feel the hole
Oh, Nathaniel, "we'll always love you! "
"Nathaniel, we'll always love you! "

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