Burn One Down (Cifrada)

Ben Harper

Fight for Your Mind

Cifrado por: Rafael Monte Rosa G Let us burn one from end to end Em and pass it over C to me my friend G burn it long, we'll burn it slow Em C to light me up before I go REFRAO G if you don't like my fire Em then don't come around D C G cause I'm gonna burn one down Em D C yes I'm gonna burn one down G my choice is what I choose to do Em and if I'm causing no harm C it shouldn't bother you G your choice is who you choose to be Em and if your causin' no harm C then you're alright with me -REPETE REFRAO- G herb the gift from the earth Em and what's from the earth C is of the greatest worth G so before you knock it try it first Em you'll see it's a blessing C and not a curse

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