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Watchers Of My Black Temple


It was a night
The night when it happened
I woke up frightened
I could feel your presence as agonizing fear
I could feel how you were dancing around me...

I couldn't see you, only feel
I was freezing and feeling immense apprehension
You created voices that
I still can hear when I'm asleep
Yet something interrupted everything
and you were gone

Who you were I hadn't any comprehension
You were in my mind all the time
As twilight again started to sneak
I wondered would you return

Yes, you came back over and over again
You have never done anything evil to me
You appear only by nights
and disappear into those depths from
where you came

Fear is no more between us
You have become the essential creatures
of the night for me
To me you are certain kinds of watchers who
I've had for my own as I stepped on the dark path

Fear and torment you can cause only
for those who don't know the darkness
Now as you have settled in to my
temple you won't ever leave me
You are the watchers of my black temple

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