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The Mind Rewinder


It shocks me when I'm reminding things
I don't know where they could come from,
so far away that I can't trust in me.
I shock you when I tell about it
and you don't seem to care,
you keep on thinking it is a joke by myself.
Moving through the unknown
I've no words to prove you
what I'm seeing through it all.
I don't need to give you any evidence at all.
There's nothing new,
can't save the strong words I have heard you say.
Another time at this point again,
defeated and enraged.
Now it's time to explode,
to open up my heart
reaching memories that don't belong to me, I will.
Bringing to light what is still in darkness.
Maybe it will come someday.

(enviado por krik!)

Compositor: Beerbong

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