Lonely Day


This time I don't know if I'm so sure
of all the things I spoke about
I want to pour it out of me but I feel the same.
I don't want to be apart
I need a world to live in
I don't want loneliness
even if it could seem the only way to be safe
from this lovely solution
and people that surround me.
If I could only make feel what
I want for myself.
This lovely solution, is not quite what I wanted
it's hard to reach my own dreams
before I wake up.
I'm starting to hate crowds,
I'm searching for isolation
because the people characterize places
I mean to need anyone,
any friend that takes care of me
not like people that I had around
but that I could not love
when my time was not good
although the taste was not so bad.
You know, we've lived together
to find in somewhere a better place to grow.
If only our world had been
a better place to live in.

(enviado por krik!)

Compositor: Beerbong

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