Forget You


When I leave you, it seem me almost of lose a leader,
and there are only wall up blind and no windows from which throw me toward you.
When I return home, my thoughts roar in crashes
my silence is so strong that it goes to disturb what I remember of you
Because I could not forget all that has seen and what I have felt, and all what I know.
I am trying to forget you
Words confused in worlds I confused between true life and truths dreams.
I lose my times in explanations that I am not able to tell you.
There is something of strange that it provokes me fever
I want to grow and arrive to lose me up until everything continues on this road.
What there is it in your silence?
He takes away from all my time
and it is not enough me sleep for forget you
Where there will this road carry us?
I think that everything is too far for me from reach and I stay home
I want to tighten you the hands
but I at times am so cold and I am not able to move me
I have trapped from your wake.
...forget you...

(enviado por krik!)

Compositor: Beerbong

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