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Empty Words



I can't explain what's the meaning of my life.
And I can't wait any longer for stages that stop me.
A little bit more will strike me out!
I think I can change what now is forcing me back to suffer.
Leaving useless dramas, my fear has given in.
But I can't give up the change
'cause tomorrow still engages me
into wavering back on every step.
And I heil to the beginning
of the brand new world I'm gettin in,
out of here,
from where I couldn't come back anymore.
I think I'll defeat what now is forcing me back to suffer
again before it strikes me out.
The challenge strains my efforts
to rise up from stagnation,
I'll step through void and digginess
will come back to me,
I keep stand in it till
I'll find the mainland again,
but do I wish that bridge?

(enviado por krik!)

Compositor: Beerbong

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