Everything I cry out for
is the same about you,
in any forsaken and over-reaction.
Everything I can twig of you
can surprise but you are misunderstanding
the simple connection.
Amplify your person
in a universe big as you,
try to identify how deep inside
you manage the world in you.
Everything I knew belonged to
and complied with true,
but now all is permitted in my evaluation.
Anyway all you can pretend from me
is equal to what I pretend from you.
Appreciate the help you've found,
since you drive the strong line
written in your hand.
Thanks for your help!
Everything you do leads to
everything you get, or you waste inside.
Everything you do could match with
all you want to come and appear
over the enclosures in front of you.
Expand the meaning of what I'm saying to you,
you'll find I've been by your side and
everything I cry for is the same about you

(enviado por krik!)

Compositor: Beerbong

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