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Still Waters Run Deep

Bee Gees

One Night Only: Live

Well I admit I've been a fool sometimes
I believe I may be losing you
It's now or never, we talk before a tear is shed
Under your spell and over my head
You took me in your arms and you told me
We don't need to worry, but you
You never say your sorry

Keep this love alive for us, it's all I feel
How can we survive if we change what is real

Still waters run deep
Just remember when we lie to each other
No one wins and losers weep
Reflection will show
This connection we can lean on each other
This is all we need to know

I see the angel and the devil in your heart
I confess, either one is my addiction
And where you're leading me
I don't have the will to fight
Out of the darkness and into the light
But living in your arms, I can take it
Please don't make me shiver
You know together we deliver

Let the gods decide who finds the sweetest thrill
Who can justify the truth?
I love you still

Don't let him get too close to you
You've got a stranger on your mind
The dream is free
I know I'm only human if I cry
Or maybe we should kiss and say goodbye

Composição: Barry Gibb,maurice Gibb,robin Gibb

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